Need More vCenter Tasks and Events?

Have you ever been looking into an issue in vCenter only to find that the time the issue happened has just dropped off of the bottom of the Tasks or Events lists? Well that's happened to me a few times.

I've just come across something in the VMware Infrastructure Client which I didn't know existed.. and I've been using the VIC for what like seems forever.

  • Open your VMware Infrastructure Client and connect to vCenter or a Host
  • Click Edit In the VMware Infrastructure Client window (Top left of the window)
  • Select Client Settings
  • Once the Client Settings window is open click the Lists tab.


The Setting we are looking at is the Page Size which is highlighted above. The default is set to 100, you can increase this up to 1000. This will now show you up to 1000 Tasks or Events.

Hope you find this useful.

  • what a tip! thanks!!!

  • Vernon Thomas

    Thank you very much!

  • Awesome tip! I have been breaking my head trying to find out how a host disappeared from one of our cluster. I went to PowerCLI Get-VIEvent but there wasn’t any event related to the host. There isn’t a Cmdlet to retrieve tasks. In my search on how to export task, I found this post. After increasing the page size, I found a member who had left us removed the host from the cluster in this attempt to fix an issue probably.

  • That’s great news! Glad it helped.

  • Ronny Maron

    Thanks alot. really helped!

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