VMWorld Europe 2010 – Thanks

I've just returned from a week away at VMworld Europe. I'm still a little blurry eyed from the late nights, early mornings and information overload. Although I am suffering a little now, I have to say it was well worth it.

This was my first ever VMWorld and was fortunate to get invited to attend as a blogger by HP. So first of all, I'd like to say thanks to HP. Secondly, I've you've never been before; MAKE SURE YOU GO NEXT YEAR!!!

I'm not going to go into all of the different sessions i attended, booths I visited and things i've learnt, there are plenty of other bloggers who have already written some great posts about their experiences, most of which I shared with them. But I just wanted to mention the one thing which made my VMWorld trip, a trip I won't forget…. You guys! The virtualization community. I have met and been reunited with so many cool people over the past week. So many so, that I often felt there wasn't time to actually speak to everyone properly and some people I never even got to say hello to. 

There were fellow UK Bloggers who I regularly meet at vBeers, VMUG's. Bloggers from all over the world who I had yet to meet. VMware Colleagues who I had yet to meet. And people who I just met through all of the above. And every single one of them were really genuine. It's not often you can say that, so I thought I would.

I'm not going to mention everyone I met, I'd be here all day. You all know who you are, so thank you for making my week.

I hope to be there next year, keep an eye out for Operation #PinkShirt 😉

Thanks to Christian Mohn from vNinja.net for the use of his photo in my post, check out other photo's he took at VMWorld here.

  • I think everyone who attended, and is an active blogger or twitter user, has come to the realization that the community is pure gold. Keynotes, Sessions and Booths are one thing, people on the other hand is something completely different. The people I met in the Social Media and Bloggers Lounge made my VMworld experience as well, and like you I was a VMworld virgin.

  • As said by Christian Mohn, the community is pure gold! I was so glad to meet you and all other blogger from all the world. And everybody was really genuine and was like to meet some old friends ever if we never meet before.

    It was my second VMworld and it was great! Thanks to everybody!

  • Robert

    Guiseppe is correct, the community is excellent. I was fortunate to attend the IP EXPO at Earls Court London two days ago and enjoyed the company of Simon Seagrave, Al Renouf and Frank [ Zimbra Man!]. Their knowledge is excellent and are great guys.

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