Repurpose Old PC’s For VMware View

Do you have old PC's that still function fine but have been replaced by the "3 year" hardware refresh? If you do, why not repurpose then and use them as VMware View Clients.

There is now a free linux based solution available which can be configured online via web interface. Take a look at this webbased View Client ISO creator – TinyCore Builder for VMware View (

  • Create ISO
  • Burn ISO
  • Boot from ISO
  • Boot it via PXE

If you want to boot from USB, try success using UNetbootin (, to convert ISO images to USB.

  • Silke Telsnig

    Simon, my name is Silke and I am with Stratodesk. I’d like to invite you to try out our PC repurposing product NoTouch Desktop. It comptely hardware (PC, thin clients, laptops,..) and vendor agnostic, includes VMware View with PCoIP, but also Citrix Receiver, Quest vWorkspace, RDP,…. — and a of course a centralized management soution. Boots from CD, USB or PXE – installed or live boot.

  • Is it free?

  • Works great! Thanks for sharing. Time to fix our conference room PCs with this. 🙂

  • Ben Milligan

    Looks excellent.  Thank you!

  • Brian

    Neat idea, don’t see a lot large clients taking this approach yet. Do like the idea of using Mirage along with an optimized Windows image to reduce mgmt.

  • Jason Rahl

    Tinycore is awesome I just can not figure out how to get it to shut down the PC when the shutdown is issued out of the View desktop. It closes the VIew session and takes the user to the VM View client screen where you can select which desktop you want to attach to.

  • That’s a nice solution for those wanting to reduce or spread out their capex for VDI. Thanks for the heads up.

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