VCP6.5-DCV Practice Exam – Section 1

1. True Or False; After you deploy vCenter Server with an embedded Platform Services Controller, you can reconfigure the deployment type and switch to vCenter Server with an external Platform Services Controller?

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2. Which of the following is not a default vCenter Server System Role?

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3. Encrypted Virtual Machines always use Encrypted vMotion?

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4. Where does vCenter request the Key Encryption Keys (KEK) required for virtual machine encryption from?

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5. Virtual Machines that are not encrypted cannot use encrypted vMotion?

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6. Which of the following can be used to help improve the security of a ESXi Host? (Select all 3 that apply)

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7. To assign Permissions within vSphere which three attributes are required?

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8. Which of the following is not a service that the Platform Services Controller enables?

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9. Which of the following features can help secure a vSphere environment?

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10. What are the three components required to enable virtual machine encryption? (Select all 3 that apply)

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11. In vSphere what is the purpose of Roles?

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12. How is Encrypted vMotion enabled?

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13. What two types of keys are used for virtual machine encryption?

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14. Which of the following IS encrypted when virtual machine encryption is enabled? (Select all 3 that apply)

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15. What is the purpose of the Platform Services Controller (PSC)?

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16. Which Platform Services Controller deployment option should be used when required to join an existing vCenter Single Sign-On Domain?

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17. Which of the following are deployment options for the Platform Services Controller? (Select all 3 that apply)

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18. To use Virtual Machine Encryption in a vSphere environment that has both 6.5 and 6.0 ESXi Hosts, it’s recommended to use which Encrypted vMotion setting on the Virtual Machines?

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19. Which of the following is NOT encrypted when virtual machine encryption is enabled?

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20. Which of the following Privileges is not required to create a New Virtual Machine?

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