VCP6.5-DCV Practice Exam – Section 7

1. Where can the status of the vCenter services be monitored? (Select 2 that apply)

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2. How do you restart an ESXi Host's Management Agents? (Select 2 that apply)

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3. Which shell command displays the current status of the services running on vCenter Server and/or Platform Services Controller (PSC)?

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4. Which shell commands are needed to list all of the services on vCenter Server and/or Platform Services Controller (PSC)? (Select all 3 that apply)

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These practices exams are not meant to replicate the real exam. You will NOT find questions from the real exam within these practice exams. 

These VCP6.5 practice exams are designed to engage the thought process. DO NOT waste your time trying to memorize these questions/answers as they will not appear in your VCP exam. Instead, if you are unsure of an answer, go and revise the feature/product. This will ensure you have a better overall understanding and should be able to cope better when being asked other questions around those products/features. This exam is still in BETA, as such, some question/answers may be incorrect or misleading. Feel free to provide feedback via the Contact Me page.