vReference.com vSphere4 Card – Version 2 Released


The vSphere 4 Reference Card is a must for anyone who is looking to take their VCP410 Exam and for anyone who regularly works with vSphere 4.

The Reference Card contains a vast amount of information ranging from Partition sizes for installing ESX to the Ports used by the VMware Infrastructure Client.

Below is a list of changes added to this new version.

  • I’ve resized the content boxes. Hopefully this should make for better results when printing on A4 as the margins are slightly more generous (I don’t have access to any A4 paper these days, living in this anti-conformist land :) , so I can’t test this myself. Please let me know if you think its better or worse).
  • The line spacing has been reduced slightly to allow for more content to be squeezed in. I haven’t reduced the font size, just the whitespace.
  • Previously, the card used a mixture of different fonts. I could never guarantee that these would render properly on everyones PDF viewer, and I couldn’t embed them without potentially breaking font licenses. Now version 2 exclusively uses the Liberation Font set, which is a great free font created under a GPL type license by Red Hat.
  • I’ve managed to reduce the PDF’s file size by around 40%, by optimizing the fonts and graphics.
  • Since the last version, vSphere 4 Update 1 has been released, so I’ve updated the card to reflect the new limits.
  • Extra content covering: PVLANs, dvUplinks & Network VMotion definitions, vDS VLAN options expanded, TPGS, ALUA, Current host load standard deviation, Partitioning advice change, Security levels, Pre-update detection tool, Changed block tracking files, Disk formats, vCenter server settings.
  • More web and KB links.
  • Firewall updates.
  • Corrections, many of which came from the great vReference readers. Thanks everyone!

Get yourself over to vReference.com and download this brilliant PDF, Print it out and stick it on your office wall or somewhere close to hand.