Is Jumbo Frames Working?

jumboframesI saw this little discussion on an internal mailing list a week or so ago and I've decided to post it too The SLOG – 1. So I don't forget it, 2. I'm sure many of you will at some point use Jumbo frames in the future on your vSphere environments.

Question: "Assuming that I enable jumbo frames, is there a way on in the VM to determine is jumbo frames are truly supported end-to-end?"


In your VM, ping your destination with a large message and specify don’t fragment.

  • Linux VMs:         ping –M do –s 8000 <ip address or destination>
  • Windows VMs:  ping –f –l 8000 <ip address or destination>
  • ESX(i):                vmkping –d –s 8000 <ip address or destination>
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