vSphere 4 – System Resource Allocation/Reservation

resource reservationsThis is more of a discussion point than a informational Post. I've been trying to find out about what is the best practice for an ESX Hosts System Resource Reservation (Not Resource Pools). What values to use? And should I dive deeper and apply/remove reservations from System Resource Pools (See Screenshot).

I've been reading through these two VMware documents but nothing obvious seems to jump out at me.

It mostly just explains about how Shares/Reservations/Limits and standard Resource Pooling, which I think I already understand well.

Before I moved over to ESXi, it was part of my build document to Reserve 800MB of RAM for the COS. Do I need to reserve anything now? What do you do?

  1. Do you just set a simple CPU and Memory System Resource Reservation? If so what values and why?
  2. Do you dive deeper into the Advanced System Resource Pool Reservations? If so, Why?

I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Note: I am not talking about Resource Pools. I'm talking about The System Resource Allocation section on the Config tab of an ESX Host. (As seen below)


Resource Allocation