VCP5 Practice Exam Questions – Part 2 (Beta)

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Question 1 of 12
SSH operates on which Port?

Question 2 of 12
You have just had a new storage array installed and you are looking for a quick way to move your virtual machines to LUN's presented by your new storage. Whats is the best way to do this?

Question 3 of 12
What are the block size options for a new created VMFS-5 VMDK?

Question 4 of 12
You're new storage array supports vSphere Storage APIs - Storage Awareness. You are keen to manage storage placement by using virtual machine profiles. Which of the following is the correct set of tasks required to enable this?

Question 5 of 12
A virtual machine using Hardware Version 3 is supported with vSphere 5?

Question 6 of 12
ESX5 introduces Virtual Hardware version?

Question 7 of 12
You manager has requested that you look for ways to ensure that your storage is utilized evenly. Which feature of vSphere 5 would help achieve this request?

Question 8 of 12
You've been asked to make sure that you guarantees a certain level of capacity, performance, availability, redundancy fo your virtual machines storage. What feature of vSphere 5 would you use to ensure you can meet that request?

Question 9 of 12
An Ex-employee had named all of the virtual machines using the wrong naming conventions. After renaming the virtual machines what is the next step to ensuring that all virtual machine files are named the same?

Question 10 of 12
vCenter Server 5 requires a 64 Bit DSN?

Question 11 of 12
You have just had a new storage array installed and you are asked by your VMware admin, whats is the correct MMP to use? Where would you find out the recommended MPP?

Question 12 of 12
A Virtual machines appear in the vSphere Client inventory list with (orphaned) appended to their name. What is the quickest solutions to correct this?