Common VCDX Mistakes: Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Continuing on with my Common VCDX Mistakes posts I have another one for you. However, This is more an overall piece of advice.

Don’t Believe Everything You Read

Over the years I’ve seen many VCDX Defense related blog posts and tweets recommending/stating things that maybe aren’t completely accurate. Then in the coming months, we start to see these inaccurate recommendations appear in the VCDX Defenses. This can be anything from low-level configurations in the design to including a specific bullet point in the slide deck.

Just like this blog post, they are just someone’s opinions. Everything you read should be thought about before you actually act on it. If you get a recommendation to do XYZ, ask yourself, “why should I be doing this? Does it make sense?”. Don’t just blindly add it into your defence.

This also goes back to my previous post: Common VCDX Mistakes: A M P R S

Everyone is different and has their own individual ways of working with customers. Do what works for you as an architect, not what you think the panel wants to see.

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