ZAR Critcal Data Recovery saved the day

Working in IT you’d think that i would practice what i preach?

“Make sure you back EVERYTHING up!”

Well i do now! Whilst on a trip to a beautiful beach my camera decided to tell me that i had a “Memory Card Error” and i was unable to take anymore photos.

Once we had returned home i put the SD card into the reader and received the message we all dread.

SD Card needs formatting

I was Gutted! i hadn’t backed any of my photo’s up from my whole trip and now they could all be lost. After picking myself up off of the floor i decided to give my old faithful friend Google a try as i know there is plenty of software out there that can recover deleted data.

After trying a hat full of dodgy programs one of which installed a large amount of Spyware on my Laptop I stumbled upon a piece of Software called ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery).

General-purpose data recovery

  • Recover formatted disk
  • Recover “RAW filesystem
  • Recover from MBR damage
  • Reconstruct broken RAID array
  • Recover lost digital photos

All of this for free! (Sorry if this sounds like an advert)

I downloaded/installed and started off the recovery process which took about 30 minutes on my 2GB SD card.

It recovered every single photo bar the last one i took before the Memory card failed, i was soo pleased! The faulty card got thrown out of the window and i’m now using my spare.

Note to self: Backup you idiot!