GMail Forgotten Attachments – We’ve all been there, done that

Is this a familiar story?

  • You created a new Email
  • You added the Recipients
  • You added the Subject e.g. HR Spreadsheet
  • You wrote a nice passage telling them you have attached the spreadsheet they requested
  • You hit Send

2 Mins later you get this reply… “Sorry i cant seem to find the attachment.”

Doh!! Well this happened to me yesterday when sending my CV out!! I know, an IT guy who forgets to attach files….Its a good look!! To be honest its not the first time I’ve done this, especially if I’m in a rush, so i decided to see if there any tools available to help me.

I stumbled upon this:  GMail Forgotten Attachment Detector and decided to test it out.

I enabled it in Gmail Settings


I composed a test email and this time forgot to attach the attachment on purpose!


And as you can see, it’s clever enough to recognise that I’ve been a fool.

Pretty much soon i wont need to think for myself.