QR Codes – Contact details with a twist

Whilst looking into making The SLOG available on mobile devices i came across something that i had seen in CSI and also in the magazines of a recent flight. Its called a QR Code (QR = Quick Response).

They are basically like a 2D barcode that can contain a small amount of data that you want it to display once scanned. These codes can be quickly scanned using some code reading software and your mobile device’s camera. Just google your phone model and QR Reader and I’m sure you’ll find the correct software for your device. I used the Kaywa Reader, its free and works a treat.

Below is a QR Code i generated using a QR-Code Generator Tool, This QR has my Website address Embedded. Once the phone software detects the code it quickly translates it back into Boolean, you are then able to click on the URL and browse over to my newly mobile enabled website.

The QR at the top of this post has all of my Contact details, which once scanned on a Phone/Mobile Device can be added straight into your contacts.. Very Clever!