My Twitter account is Suspended!!

This morning I awoke to two Emails from Twitter titled “Your account has been suspended” (Not quite sure why they felt the need to tell me twice).

Written in the Email was the following;

If you are one of my Followers you will know that earlier on this week someone/something got hold of my username/password for my Twitter account and used it to spam all of the people I follow. As soon as I found out, I changed my password and removed any Twitter apps that could have been used to gain access to my account and since then there has been no more spam.

So why have Twitter done this? I have opened up a Support Ticket with Twitter to try and find out.

Update: Just found out that Duncan over at Yellow-Bricks has also had his Twitter account Suspended.

No sooner had I opened the ticket, the ticket was showing as “Solved”. I checked my account, it was still suspended! So I have re-opened the ticket and I await to hear back.