VMworld US: vBeers – Saturday 25th

VMworld San Francisco 2012 is almost here and it’s time for another vBeers Tweetup!  The last vBeers Tweetup from VMworld SF 2009 was a great time  so I couldn’t let this opportunity go by without arranging one. The VMworld San Francisco vBeers Tweetup will be held on Saturday 25th August, the day before the show doors open.

The vBeers Tweetup is intended as a way to relax, chill-out and catch up with friends, new and old.  If you don’t know anyone attending then that doesn’t matter as your fellow vGeeks are a friendly welcoming bunch who also like to network, talk tech and share vStories.

In true vBeers tradition this vBeers is not sponsored, it is a case of turning up, enjoying yourselfand covering the cost of your own drinks and any food.  Vendor sponsored parties start the following day.

For the full details, please visit the vBeers website and checkout the VMworld San Francisco 2012 vBeers post.