VMware Horizon Mirage 4.0 Reviewer’s Guide

VMware has just released it's first Reviewers Guide for Horizon Mirage. The Horizon Mirage Reviewer’s Guide is intended for prospective IT administrators of VMware Horizon Mirage, as well as media reviewers of the product.

Content Includes:

  • What is VMware Horizon Mirage?
  • Key features of Horizon Mirage
  • Horizon Mirage packaging and licensing
  • Horizon Mirage components and architecture
  • Horizon Mirage installation and configuration
  • Hands-on evaluation exercises

So if you aren't familiar with Horizon Mirage or are keen to see how it can help your business this guide is worth a read.

Document Download: http://www.vmware.com/files/pdf/techpaper/vmware-horizon-mirage-reviewers-guide.pdf