Official VMware Consulting Blog

Hi guys, I thought I'd just bring your attention to a reasonably new section on the VMware Blog which is being writing by VMware's Professional Service's Consultants and Architects. The VMware Consulting Blog.

Welcome to our new VMware Consulting blog. Drawing from our extensive experience delivering tens of thousands of services engagements to our clients around the world, our consulting services team has unique insight into how best to leverage cloud computing and virtualization to drive transformation and deliver value for your business. We want to share these insights with you, and our new blog is a platform to do just that. Each posting will be designed to provide you insights that are helpful in both maturing your VMware environment and leveraging cloud computing and virtualization to drive value for your business.

For those of you who Design and Administer Virtualization environments whether they be Cloud, EUC or other, I highly recommend you to follow this blog for all of the useful posts that will be written in the future.