Pre-populate VMware Horizon Data Accounts With Documents

Horizon DataThis is a little tip for anyone who is looking to pre-populate VMware Horizon Data with documents. Every user that is provisioned onto Horizon Data will automatically get these documents in their share. A common use case for this, is adding a "Getting Started" PDF document that explains how Horizon Data works, where everything is etc. You could also use this to share files to new users, company handbook, HR documents that sort of thing. 

NOTE: The files are injected into the users folder as a post-create task. This means that any accounts that are already created will not receive these files, only new accounts will receive them.

HOW TO: Copy any files that you want to pre-populate into users folder into the following directory on EVERY Data node: /opt/zimbra/jetty/static

Once that is complete, all new users should see something similar to the following screenshot when accessing their newly created VMware Horizon Data account.