Seeing Double??

Just lately I've been fortunate enough to visit South Korea to see a customer. Whilst I was there I had a little spare time to see some of the sights of Korea.

One of the cool things I saw there was a something called Dual Play by LG .Below you can see a photo I took of Dual-Play.

Dual Play

As you can see, there is a different picture displayed on each screen. In this case there was a racing game being played, so it's not soo obvious. But take it from me, each of those two windows were displaying different images.

What's so cool about that I hear you ask…… Well lets take a step to the side….

Dual Play 2

Cool hey? Only one screen displaying two different screens. The screen you see will depend on which window you stand behind. Now my understanding of this technology, is that is similar to the technology used with 3D films and when you buy the product you actually buy glasses not little windows. Imagine being able to play two player Full-Screen COD using the same TV!! I wonder if they can take the technology further, I wonder if they could allow four, eight different screens off of one TV. The whole family could all watch something different at the same time.

Gotta love tech.