VCDX Mentors – We Need You!

VCDX MentorsQuite regularly I get emails/DM’s from future VCDX candidates asking if  I could be their VCDX Mentor. Unfortunately, because I am an active panelist this isn’t something I am permitted to do as per the VCDX Mentor Guidelines.

Out of the 216 certified VCDX’s worldwide, there are currently 48 VCDX’s that have indicated that would be happy to mentor future VCDX candidates via the website. But we need more, especially for the DTM, CMA and NV tracks.

Currently we have the following amount of mentors for each track:

  • DTM –
  • CMA – 5
  • NV – 6
  • DCV – 41

We really need more Mentors for DTM, CMA and NV.

As a Mentor what do you need to do? In a nutshell, provide 3-4 months of mentoring assistance for a future VCDX candidate. Here is a short list taken from the VCDX Mentor Guildlines.

  • Validate they have completed the pre-requisites, this is mentoring on VCDX Defense, not necessarily for VCAP mentoring.  Ultimately it’s up to you, but the intent is for VCDX Defenses.
  • Help them with the overall VCDX Process
  • Coach them on communication skills
  • Help them develop a structured thought process
  • Treat every Mentee equally
  • Give honest and open feedback
  • Concentrate on the mentees person and skillset
  • Ask for help from the VMware Certified Design Expert Program Management if in doubt
  • Help them with any presentation skills (Soft Skills)

Interested and want to become a VCDX Mentor?

  • Log into the website
  • Edit your Profile and look for the Mentor setting (I cannot check the Mentor box, but you should be able to)


  • Click Save

You are an Expert. Give back if you can. 🙂