EP6 – Neon Pens At The Ready

In episode six of The VCDX Podcast, we’ll be discussing everything VCDX related that we can expect to see at VMworld 2019 which is just around the corner. And in our guest interview, I’ll be finding out about a new Lightboard series that’s aimed to help you prepare for your VCDX.

News & Updates

  • This week’s special guest was Karl Childs
  • There will be a VCDX Workshop just before VMworld US on Sunday, August 25th. Register here for the VCDX Workshop
  • There will be a VCDX Panel session during VMworld US in the Certifications area – Preparing for Your VCDX: What You Need to Know [EDU3683U] – Wednesday, August 28, 11:00 AM – 11:45 AM

Interview Notes & Links


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