EP10 – Learn From Previous Mistakes

In episode ten of The VCDX Podcast, My special guest will share some of the common mistakes that they see regularly as a VCDX panelist, in the hope that future candidates don’t make the same mistakes as those who went before them.

News & Updates

Congratulations to the newly minted VCDX’s since our last episode:

  • VCDX #286 – Igor Zecevic – France (DCV)
  • VCDX #287 – Katsuhiko Niino – Japan – (NV)
  • VCDX #288 – Phoebe Kim – US – (NV)

The forthcoming online VCDX Workshop

Interview Notes & Links

This week’s special guest is Paul McSharry (VCDX #234)

Talking Points:

1. Risk Management & Mitigation – “Risk is accepted by the business”
2. Too many constraints that limit the ability to show design expertise
3. Not enough logical design
4. Lack of diagrams both in design and in whiteboard for defense
5. Looking for a slide that answers the question, when a answer or drawing helps.
6. “I would use this tool (ie vROps,vRNI)“, without the how , why and impact.


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