HCX Manager on ‘VMC On AWS’ Is Not Available After Deployment

I’m just putting together this short post more for my own benefit more than anyone else’s. This has happened to me a few times, so I wanted to document it down somewhere so I don’t forget it again.

After deploying HCX within VMC on AWS, I am unable to access the public HCX Manager URL.

HCX Manager Unreachable
After speaking with the VMC on AWS support team, they informed me that I needed to add a Firewall entry to the Management Gateway Firewall.

HCX Management Gateway Firewall Rule
The rule configuration was as follows:

  • Name: HCX External Access (you can name this whatever you wish)
  • Sources: ANY
  • Destinations: HCX (this is a predefined entry)
  • Services: HTTPS (TCP 443), ICMP (Echo Request)
  • Action: Allow

Once the Firewall rule was published, I was able to access HCX Manager. Hopefully, they’ll automate this process in the future or add it to the documentation somewhere.

HCX Manager Login Page