VCP6.5-DCV Practice Exam – Section 3

1. vCenter Storage Filters are Enabled by Default?

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2. What is required to be configured on an ESXi Host to mount an NFS Datastore?

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3. Which version Virtual Volumes (VVols) comes with vSphere 6.5?

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4. Which of the following cannot be used when using a VSAN Datastore? (Select all that apply)

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5. Storage I/O Control (SIOC) can be enabled on which of the following datastore types? (Select 2 that apply)

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6. Which of the follow are vCenter Storage Filters? (Select all that apply)

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7. Where is Storage I/O Control (SIOC) enabled?

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8. What is Fibre Channel Zoning used for?

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9. Where do you configure a VSAN Cluster?

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10. Which version of NFS supports StorageDRS and Storage IO Control (SIOC)?

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11. How are vCenter Storage Filters turned Off?

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12. If NFS Multi-pathing is required, which NFS version must be used?

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13. What are Virtual Volumes (VVols)?

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14. Where would you mount an NFS Datastore within a vSphere environment?

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15. What are VSAN Storage Polices?

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16. What are VSAN Fault Domains?

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17. What are vCenter Storage Storage Filters?

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18. Which version or versions of NFS are supported with vSphere 6.5?

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19. What is performed to discover newly available datastores?

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20. Which of the following are types of virtual volumes that make up the core elements of a virtual machine? (Select all that apply)

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21. What is the maximum number of VSAN Datastores per vSphere Cluster?

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22. What is the VSAN iSCSI target service?

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23. What is the minimum ESXi Host requirement when FTT=1 for a VSAN Cluster? (Select 2 that apply)

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24. Where can you Monitor VSAN? (Select all 2 that apply)

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25. Which Network Protocol is used when using NFS Datastores?

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26. What is the VSAN Observer?

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27. You have a set of virtual machines that are required to be ‘Highly Available’, what change could you make to their VSAN Storage Policy?

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28. What is the minimum requirement for a VSAN Disk Group? (Select all 2 that apply)

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29. What is iSCSI CHAP?

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30. What is Storage I/O control (SIOC)?

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