VCP6.5-DCV Practice Exam – Section 8

1. Which two types of ESXi host installations can be performed by vSphere Auto Deploy?

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2. When booting a physical host that is set up for vSphere Auto Deploy, vSphere Auto Deploy uses what to provision that host?

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3. when using vSphere Auto Deploy, which component is used to define the set of VIBs to boot ESXi hosts with?

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4. Which vCenter Service is being described here?
The vCenter Server support tool that can provision hundreds of physical
hosts with ESXi software.

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5. What needs to be performed on a ESXi Host to check to see if the Host is compliant with its Host Profile?

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6. In vSphere 6.5 what is the new graphical alternative to the PowerCLI Image Builder cmdlets?

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7. when using vSphere Auto Deploy, what two types of Profiles are used to customize the installation and configuration of an ESXi host?

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8. When creating a Host Profile for a new vSphere Cluster, what is the recommended way to create the new Host Profile?

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9. What needs to be performed on a ESXi Host to apply an attached Host Profile?

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10. In vSphere 6.5 which Workflow of vSphere Auto Deploy can be used to interactively deploy new physical hosts into a new or existing cluster.

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11. when using vSphere Auto Deploy, which component allows you to test changes to rules before making the changes active?

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12. Host Profile Answer files are no longer used in vSphere 6.5?

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