Horizon View Unity Touch and HTML Access Not Working?

Just a quick heads up on this issue in case any early adopters are getting issues with either Unity Touch or HTML Access

After installing the Remote Experience Agent onto your virtual desktops you might find that Unity and/or HTML Access do not run when you connect to those virtual desktops. If this is the case, check to see if the Windows Firewall (MpsSvc) service is running on the virtual desktops. Both Unity and HTML Access require this service to be running for them to function correctly.

You might also find that Unity and/or HTML Access were working fine before following the VMware View Optimization Guide for Windows 7. Part of the supplied batch file supplied with this document actually stops the Windows Firewall (MpsSvc) service from running. Just re-start the service to allow these features to work.

NOTE: The Optimization Guide's are being amended to remove potential issues in the future.