VMware Horizon View v2.0 Clients: Released

Horizon View ClientThe latest version's of the Horizon View Clients were released late last night. The 2.0 release includes new GA releases of the Android, Linux, Mac, iOS and Windows clients. Additionally it includes an updated Tech Preview release of the Windows Store client.

The iOS, Android, and Amazon clients are already live in their respective app stores! The Mac and Windows clients can be found here:  https://www.vmware.com/go/viewclients. The Linux client will be updated in the Ubuntu Software Center in the coming weeks.

This Horizon View Client v2.0 release comes in conjunction with the Horizon View Feature Pack 1 release which brings both Unity Touch and HTML Access to Horizon View desktops.

What's NEW in Horizon View Client v2.0:

  • Unity Touch Makes Windows Apps Easier Than Ever
    • Requires a VMware Horizon View 5.2 or later virtual desktop
    • Navigate All Programs easily and quickly from the Unity Touch sidebar
    • Access files in your Users folder easily from the Unity Touch sidebar
    • Easily search for apps and files on your virtual desktop
    • Switch between running applications and open windows
    • Close windows and quit apps with a left swipe and click Close
    • Create list of your favorite apps and files and use across your devices 
  • Optimized for VMware Horizon View 5.2
    • Improved client side caching in View 5.2 is ideal for mobile devices
    • Admins use 90 MB & get the equivalent of 250 MB from earlier releases
  • Presentation Mode Gets Most Out of External Displays
    • Sets optimal external display resolutions
    • New and improved artwork 
  • Other Improvements
    • Removes status bar to give more screen space to Windows
    • Bug fixes