VMware Horizon View 5.2: Network Ports (External Design)

Following on from yesterdays VMware Horizon View 5.2: Network Ports (Internal Design) post, I present to you my second Horizon View 5.2 Networking Port diagram. This diagram is of an External Horizon View 5.2 design and includes Security Servers and all of the ports required for both the internal and external firewalls. I hope you find these digrams useful.

VMware Horizon View 5.2 Network Port Requirements (External Design)

View 5.2 Networking Ports (External Design)

  • Lee Reynolds

    Thanks, this will be extremely useful. However, I think there is a typo. From client to security server, it lists TCP433 not 443.

  • Thanks Lee, Good spot. Image now updated.

  • Simon is there not an interaction of Composer and vCenter also? i.e when Composer creates desktops, does it do this via vCenter or does it talk to the hosts direct on TCP 902 as shown?

  • Composers creates the Linked-Clones direct onto the ESX hosts. Take at look at the following link, this has pretty much all of the Port information in. http://pubs.vmware.com/view-52/topic/com.vmware.view.security.doc/GUID-A0B8412C-6C42-4C78-90B2-C1B2A2237AD1.html

  • Thanks for bailing me out yet again! 🙂

  • Toby, I did some digging. There is some Composer > vCenter communication (SOAP TCP 443). I’ve updated the diagram. Thanks for raising the question.

  • SeanM

    Simon, is there a way to download these diagrams? Or the visio’s? I’d like to print out some posters of them. Thanks!

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