Operation #PinkShirt


What Is Operation #PinkShirt?

Pink shirts don't really have anything to do it. I just wanted to call it a name and after the abuse I got from the bloggers at VMWorld about my pink shirt I thought it would be a good name for it.

After having a such a good time at VMWorld this year, I have made it my challenge to attend again next year. Nothing out of there ordinary the you might think. True, but the plan is not just be an attendee at VMWorld, the plan is be a Speaker. Once again, nothing out of the ordinary. What makes this slightly more difficult than it seems is the fact that I have a

Fear of talking infront of large groups of people

I know, I know, most of the time you can't shut me up. But it's true, ever since I had a bad experience on stage at school I've been like this. 

So I have challenged myself to overcome my fear, learn how to public speak/present and get accepted to speak at VMWorld all in one year.

Simon Long needs you!

My first step is speak at the London VMUG in Feb 2011. I have already been given a slot to speak.

What I need from you are any tips you can think of to help me prepare myself. Whether it be tips on how to calm my nerves, ways you find best to keep the audience engaged, anything like that. Anything to help me get ready for February.

If you could post any tips you have in the comments that would be great.

I'll will endevor to keep you updated on my path to stardom….Watch this space.