VCP5 Practice Exams


These practices exams are not meant to replicate the real exam. You will NOT find questions from the real exam within these practice exams. (More senario type questions will be added as soon as I have time.)

These VCP5 practice exams are designed to engage the thought process. Do NOT waste your time trying to memorize these questions/answers as they will not appear in your VCP5 exam. Instead, if you are unsure of an answer go and revise the feature/product. This will ensure you have a better overal understanding and should be able to cope better when being asked other questions around those products/features.

This exam is still in BETA, as such, some question/answers maybe incorrect or misleading. Feel free to provide feedback in the comments section below or via the Contact Me page.

The VCP5 practice exam will contain questions that were in the VCP4 practices exams. VCP5 is not a new product, it is an evolution from older versions. Some VCP4 questions and even VCP3 are still applicable to the VCP5 exam.

As for configuration maximum questions, I do not know how many of those type of questions you will get during the VCP5 exam if any at all. My exams are there to help you learn them if you think you might need them, they are not there because I'm telling you you need to know them all.

VCP5 Practice Exam – Part 1

  There are currently 50 Questions in this practice Exam

Last Updated 05/09/2011

VCP5 Practice Exam – Part 2

  There are currently 12 Questions in this practice Exam

Last Updated 06/10/2011


vSphere 5 Configuration Maximum Exams

vSphere 5 Virtual Machine Configuration Maximums Exam – 22 Questions

vSphere 5 Compute Configuration Maximums Exam – 8 Questions

vSphere 5 Memory Configuration Maximums Exam – 3 Questions

vSphere 5 Storage Configuration Maximums Exam – 43 Questions

vSphere 5 Networking Configuration Maximums Exam – 24 Questions

vSphere 5 Cluster and Resource Pool Configuration Maximums Exam – 9 Questions

vSphere 5 vCenter Server Configuration Maximums Exam – 9 Questions

vSphere 5 Update Manager Configuration Maximums Exam – 15 Questions

vSphere 5 Orchestrator Configuration Maximums Exam – 4 Questions

vSphere 5 VASA Configuration Maximums Exam – 1 Question

vSphere 5 Storage DRS Configuration Maximums Exam – 3 Questions



VCP4 Practice Exam

There are currently 93 Questions in this practice Exam

Version 3.0 – Last Updated 30/07/2010 – ChangeLog

vSphere 4.1 Configuration Maximum Exams

To help me remember all of the new vSphere 4.1 Configuration Maximums i have decided to put them into mini Exams so i can take them over and over until they are ingrained into my head.

vSphere 4.1 Virtual Machine Configuration Maximums Exam – 17 Questions – ChangeLog

vSphere 4.1 ESX Host Configuration Maximums Exam – 40 Questions – ChangeLog

vSphere 4.1 Configuration Maximums Exam – 4 Questions – ChangeLog

  • Luby

    I don’t doubt Simon’s knowledge and skills, but personally, I think these sites with ‘mock’ exams, including VMWARE’s own mock exam are a waste of time. A difficulty of the questions on the exam I just failed was such that even after years of experience with the platform and if it was an ‘open book exam’, I would have difficulty passing and these ‘exams’ did not help me prepare at all. No config maximums at all, so why is everyone trumpeting about them all the time???? The only way I would have been able to answer with confidence approx. 20% of the questions I had at the exam if I had a number of vSphere disasters under my belt so that I could recall what happened and why. So anyone who reads these blogs and hopes they will help, forget about it. Maybe they were helpful in early days. Now, they are completely useless.

  • AmanVijayJindal

    There must be some sort of validity to simon’s posts since everyone is praising them… rightly as said “trumpheting” .,,, only Time will tell where does it lead me to. I have added the post to my faves

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