My Crypto Investments (January) – Mysterium Network (MYST)

Each month in 2018, I plan on investing a small amount of money into a Blockchain project that I think might have potential to be a useful service/product. I plan on documenting my research on the specific Blockchain projects in blog posts as a way of making sure I do some due diligence, rather than just investing in whatever seems to be doing well that month. My aim here is not to just invest in coins that will make me the most money in the shortest amount of time. It’s more to invest in coins/projects that I feel might actually have a long-term future.


mysteriumProject Name

  • Mysterium Network

Project Description 

    • Decentralized VPN running on the Blockchain – The Mysterium Network will be a decentralized marketplace for VPN services built using Ethereum smart contracts. Users set up nodes to contribute computing resources to the network. In exchange, they collect a fee from clients who agree to pay to use their network resources. Service matching between provider nodes and client nodes, payment service, identity management, and a database of account balances, available service providers, and registered identities are all executed on the Ethereum blockchain. The VPN services themselves are executed off-chain.

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