Launching The VMware View Client With Google Chrome Using A URI Link

VMware View Client version 1.6 and above can be launched by using a URI . So for example if you click the following URI the VMware View Client can be launched automatically logging you into your View desktop. vmware-view://

More information on the VMware View URI Scheme can be found in my previous post: VMware View URI Scheme

One thing that I had noticed was that the application launching wasn't working when using Google Chrome both on my Mac and on Windows whereas Firefox, IE and Safari worked fine. Being able to launch the View Client from Google Chrome is something that I will be using more and more in the future, so I decided I would try and figure out how I can get this to work. 

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VMware View Client URI Scheme

VMware View Client version 1.6 and above can be launched by using a URI  Hyperlink. So for example if you click the following URI the VMware View Client can be launched automatically logging you in to your View desktop. vmware-view://

Note: All the information in this post can be found in the following document:

VMware View Client URI Scheme

This is the URI syntax for the VMware View client: vmware-view://[authority-part][/path-part][?query-part]

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VMware vSphere 5.1 is now supported with VMware View 5.1 and above

In an earlier post I mentioned that vSphere 5.1 is not compatible with any versions of VMware View. Well I am please to you inform you all that today VMware have released an express patch for ESXi (ESXi510-201210001) which fixes an issue that caused the incompatibility issue. 

The official VMware KB with details on how to get this latest patch can be found here:

VMware View 3D Gaming Experience

View 3D ExperienceFor those of you who follow me on twitter you may well have seen me tweeting about the View 3D Experience over the duration of both of this years VMworlds.

Myself and a colleague Tim Federwitz ( had been tasked to showcase VMware's vSGA (Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration) that will be released in the next release of VMware View at some point in H1 2013.

What is vSGA?

Before I go into what we had running at VMworld, I'll just go into a little more detail about vSGA (Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration).

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VCDX #105

vcdx4-logo1Around 1am this morning I awoke from a dream where I was repeatedly refreshing my email in the hope I would get my VCDX defense results. Before returning to sleep I decided to check my phone, and there it was. My result was in. Blurry eyed I open the attached PDF to see the magical words:

Your VCDX number is 105

I've passed! It's over! After working towards this goal for the last 4 years, I have finally made it. Time to relax. 

My VCDX Experience 

Overall, despite the many many hours I spent working on my design to make sure it was as solid as possible, I enjoyed the process. I learnt the most from just being extremely careful on EVERY design decision I made. I knew, if I made a mistake on anything I would be picked up on it, so I spent many days going through everything to make sure it was accurate and I could back up the reasons for making those design decisions. This has undoubtedly helped me as a consultant.

As for the defense itself, for some reason I wasn't actually nervous, no dry mouth, no shaky hands. I think this was because I knew my design was good, I was confident in what I had designed.

Filled with confidence and a clear mind, I tired to answer and explain everything that was asked and if there was something I really didn't know, I was honest and held my hands up. You can't trick these guys, so don't bother trying. The whole experience was over in a flash. The wait for the results was the opposite.

My VCDX Tips

Defense – Spend time making sure everything you have chosen in your design is accurate and you fully understand the reason you chose it and the reasons why you didn't chose the other options.

Design – Read the scenario thoroughly. Understand it. If something isn't clear, ask the panel. Talk them through everything you are thinking with regards to how your design might look. If you don't talk, they don't know that you aren't just making something up.

Troubleshoot – Don't worry too much about finding the issue. Make sure you troubleshoot methodically. If you need the "customer" to do/test something, tell them why you are asking them to do it, so they understand your train of thought. And DON'T PANIC if at first you don't know what the issue might be.

Do you have a Virtualization Blog??

Hello people, I've just noticed that I have neglected my "Recommended Blogs" section for far to long.

So if you have a Virtualization focused Blog, you are not already on my list and would like appear on my recommended blogs section please use my Contact page to email me your url and I will review you blog. If I feel it is appropriate, I will add it to my list. Could you also include your RSS feed URL so I can add you to my personal RSS Feed Reader and keep up with all of your great articles.

Thanks guys

ALERT: vSphere 5.1 is not compatible with any versions of VMware View

Taken from:

VMware vSphere 5.1 is not currently supported with any versions of VMware View.

vSphere 5.1 is in the process of being certified against VMware View. We recommend that you do not upgrade vSphere above the supported versions listed in the VMware View 5.1 Release Notes.

For further updates and more information on this alert, refer to KB article:
vSphere 5.1 is not compatible with any versions VMware View (2035268).

UKVMUG (Nov 15th 2012) – Call for Papers

Just a quick post to let everyone know that the UK VMUG which will be held on the 15th November 2012 in Solihull, UK has opened their call for papers. If you are interested in presenting at the UKVMUG alongside the likes of Duncan Epping, Frank Denneman and hopefully myself, then submit your session ideas here:

UK VMUG Call For Papers

I'll hopefully see you all there.

NorthWest England VMUG – Thursday, Sept 13th, 2012

I just wanted to bring this to peoples attention. 

Registration Now Open: Northwest England VMUG Meeting 
Join us for the next Northwest England VMUG meeting taking place on Thursday, Sept 13th, 2012. 
Registration is now open and available to all VMUG members. This is a great opportunity to meet with your peers to discuss virtualization trends, best practices, and the latest technology!

Meeting Agenda

  • VMware Keynote – Spencer Pitts, VMware's EMEA End User Computing Practice Lead
  • Technical Presentations and Updates from Trend Micro and Whiptail
  • VMware View Case Study
  • vNews from Matthew Steiner and Mike Laverick, Including a Review of VMworld San Francisco and a Look Forward to VMworld Barcelona
  • Raffle Drawing and vBeers in Lloyds Bar (Printworks) Following the Meeting

Looks like a great agenda for their next VMUG. You can follow the official NW England VMUG Twitter profile for the latest VMUG news.

Operation #PinkShirt – Complete!!

IMG_1192For those of you who have no idea what Operation #PinkShirt is, I'd recommend you give this post a quick read before reading on: Operation #PinkShirt but in a nutshell it is about getting over my fear of public speaking. As you'll probably notice, the post was created after VMworld 2010 and my goal was to present at VMworld 2011. I failed to make this goal, as I really did not want to present, so I made every excuse possible to get out of it. 

However this year was different. I actually submitted a session with the view to presenting. Unfortunately my session got rejected, so I thought that was my chance over for another year. To be honest, I was quietly relieved. Then a few weeks later a VMware colleague asked me to co-present with him, as the customer he was going to present with was unable to attend VMworld with him. I reluctantly said YES!

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