Seeing Double??

Just lately I've been fortunate enough to visit South Korea to see a customer. Whilst I was there I had a little spare time to see some of the sights of Korea.

One of the cool things I saw there was a something called Dual Play by LG .Below you can see a photo I took of Dual-Play.

Dual Play

As you can see, there is a different picture displayed on each screen. In this case there was a racing game being played, so it's not soo obvious. But take it from me, each of those two windows were displaying different images.

What's so cool about that I hear you ask…… Well lets take a step to the side….

Dual Play 2

Cool hey? Only one screen displaying two different screens. The screen you see will depend on which window you stand behind. Now my understanding of this technology, is that is similar to the technology used with 3D films and when you buy the product you actually buy glasses not little windows. Imagine being able to play two player Full-Screen COD using the same TV!! I wonder if they can take the technology further, I wonder if they could allow four, eight different screens off of one TV. The whole family could all watch something different at the same time.

Gotta love tech.

Pre-populate VMware Horizon Data Accounts With Documents

Horizon DataThis is a little tip for anyone who is looking to pre-populate VMware Horizon Data with documents. Every user that is provisioned onto Horizon Data will automatically get these documents in their share. A common use case for this, is adding a "Getting Started" PDF document that explains how Horizon Data works, where everything is etc. You could also use this to share files to new users, company handbook, HR documents that sort of thing. 

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VMworld 2013 Public Voting is OPEN

and has been for a week or so now. I just want to shamelessly plug three sessions that I am involved in this year, so you can all go and vote for them! Don't forget to vote for all of the other great session that have been proposed. This is your chance to make VMworld 2013 what you want it to be.

#4815 Demistifying VMware Mirage – Tips and Tricks for Success

Wondering what Mirage really does, how it works, and how to successfully design and implement Mirage for your company or organization? VMware's Global Professional Services team will present a technical walk-though of a real-world end-to-end design & implementation of VMware Mirage. Hear first-hand how VMware Architects address technical and operational challenges, such as server and storage sizing, networking, and other critical VMware Mirage design elements. The team will show real-world architecture examples and share their lessons learned and best practices enabling you to be successful in deploying VMware Mirage. 

#5249 PCoIP: Sizing For Success

Baffled by the PCoIP sizing minefield that accompanies an Horizon View deployment? No idea where to start? Join Chuck and Simon as they give an introduction to PCoIP, helping you understand important characteristics of the protocol that need to be considered when sizing for PCoIP. The session will then guide you through the critical steps required to optimize, measure and calculate PCoIP bandwidth requirements tailored to your environment.

#6045 EUC Experts Panel – Successful Implementations

Performance issues with virtual desktops? Experiencing issues with virtualized apps? Unsure how to scale your virtual desktop environment? What about Horizon Workspace and Mirage? Where do they fit into your desktop strategy? Come meet EUC Architects from Global Services Engineering as they answer your questions and explain their experience with designing and implementing some of the largest and most complex EUC environments to date. This helps customers realize the full potential of their EUC investment and is responsible for solving some of the thorniest problems and toughest design challenges. The panel includes experts in all of the Horizon Suite products, as well as critical infrastructure support elements for EUC such as Active Directory and anti-virus, storage solutions, networking, load balancing and many others. Come and ask the experts for help with some of the challenges you are facing and let them share their field experience and lessons learned to help you in all your EUC endeavors.

VMware Horizon View 5.2: Network Ports (External Design)

Following on from yesterdays VMware Horizon View 5.2: Network Ports (Internal Design) post, I present to you my second Horizon View 5.2 Networking Port diagram. This diagram is of an External Horizon View 5.2 design and includes Security Servers and all of the ports required for both the internal and external firewalls. I hope you find these digrams useful. Read the rest of this entry »

VMware Horizon View 5.2: Network Ports (Internal Design)

I've been doing some work internally at VMware which I thought could be useful to the wider public, so I've decided to share this with you.

I've put together a couple of detailed diagrams that display the networking port requirements and directional traffic flow to the various component that make up an Horizon View 5.2 environment. Some of the diagram's I've seen documented in the past don't always show everything that is required and customers can often encounter issues when important information is missing.

I've decided to split these diagrams out into to separate posts. Here is the internal design Horizon View design. 

VMware Horizon View 5.2 Network Port Requirements (Internal Design)

View 5.2 Networking Ports (Internal Design)

NorthWest England VMUG – Thursday, 25th April 2013

I just wanted to bring this to peoples attention. 

Registration Now Open: Northwest England VMUG Meeting 
Join us for the next Northwest England VMUG meeting taking place on Thursday, 25th April 2013. 
Registration is now open and available to all VMUG members. This is a great opportunity to meet with your peers to discuss virtualization trends, best practices, and the latest technology!

Meeting Agenda

  • 1PM – Welcome to VMUG
  • 1:15PM – "VMware In The Real World" – SCC (A look at SCC VMware case studies and explore areas such as Management and AV that SCC are seeing demand and uptake in)
  • 2PM – " vSphere in a nutshell" – Mike Laverick
  • 2:45PM – Break – Refreshments
  • 3PM – "VMware Horizon Workspace" – SCC (A look at the new EUC product range from VMware)
  • 3:45PM – Break
  • 4PM – " Zero to Colo – vCloud Director in my Lab" – Mike Laverick
  • 4:45PM – vNews – a VMware rep TBC
  • 5PM – Raffle and Close 5:05PM – vBeers Tiger Tiger (Printworks)

Looks like another great agenda and some great speakers. You can follow the official NW England VMUG Twitter profile for the latest VMUG news.

Official VMware Consulting Blog

Hi guys, I thought I'd just bring your attention to a reasonably new section on the VMware Blog which is being writing by VMware's Professional Service's Consultants and Architects. The VMware Consulting Blog.

Welcome to our new VMware Consulting blog. Drawing from our extensive experience delivering tens of thousands of services engagements to our clients around the world, our consulting services team has unique insight into how best to leverage cloud computing and virtualization to drive transformation and deliver value for your business. We want to share these insights with you, and our new blog is a platform to do just that. Each posting will be designed to provide you insights that are helpful in both maturing your VMware environment and leveraging cloud computing and virtualization to drive value for your business.

For those of you who Design and Administer Virtualization environments whether they be Cloud, EUC or other, I highly recommend you to follow this blog for all of the useful posts that will be written in the future.

VMware vCenter Certificate Automation Tool 1.0 Released

The release of vCenter 5.1 added more certificates into the mix (I shudder every time I think about Certificates). This was done to make communication between the components more secure. However, the process of updating these certificates with customers' own signed certificates is currently very tedious, error prone and the source of much pain for many Admins around the world.

Well I have good news for you all……

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Want To Go To VMworld 2013 For Free?

I know I do!! For those of you who do not know what VMworld is:

Veeam are giving away a FREE full pass to VMworld 2013. All you have to do is register your name and you'll be entered into the draw.


VMware Horizon View: vSGA VIB’s and HCL Released

nvidia logo smallAs part of the VMware Horizon View 5.2 release a few weeks ago, VMware introduced a new technology feature called vSGA (Virtual Shared Graphics Acceleration). To find out more about this technology, checkout my VMware View 3D Gaming Experience post.

Two of the common questions I've been asked many times since the release of Horizon View 5.2 are:

  • What NVIDIA GPU Cards are supported with vSGA?
  • Where can I download the vSphere drivers (VIB's) for vSGA?

Up until now, I've not been able to give a good answer as the release of the VIB's and a list of supported GPU cards are being provided by NVIDIA and not by VMware.

But today both of these questions are answered. (Hurray!).

NVIDIA state the following GPU's are supported with the released VIB:

  • Quadro series: 6000, 5000, 4000
  • M-Class Processors: Tesla M2070-Q
  • GRID Series: GRID K2, GRID K1