vOpenData – Get Involved!!

vOpenData LogoA few weeks ago my RSS feeds were inundated with posts about vOpenData. I had decided to wait until the hype had died down a bit until I created a little reminder post to help keep the momentum going.

What is vOpenData?

vOpenData is an open community project that grew from the question "What is the average VMDK size for deployed virtual machines?" We wanted to create an open community database that is purely driven by users submitting their virtual infrastructure configurations. Leveraging the powerful virtualization community and applying simple analytics we are able to provide various trending statistics and data for virtualized environments. This is 100% community driven and the results will be available for everyone to view and hopefully you will contribute to the overall dataset!

Personally I think this is a great idea. The more people that anonymously share their stats, the better and more granular results will become available to us. 

Below you can see some of the data that is available via the vOpenData website.


When talking to the guys who are running this (Ben Thomas and William Lam), they informed me that they will be adding many more dashboards over the coming months, opening up much more data than is currently available. If some of the data you are looking for is not currently available, send them a tweet with your thoughts and I'm sure they will try to accommodate you. 

Some of data I am personally looking for is around VDI. Virtual desktop sizes, maybe Paging file sizes, those kind of things. It's this data that up until now has not been available to us. I've only been able to work with stats from environments I've worked on, or Industry Standards which I often think are made up… 🙂

So get sharing guys. The more people share, the more we will get back. For details on how to get involved, visit the vOpenData website

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