VMware Certified Advanced Professional – VCAP

Today VMware finally officially announced their new Exam set named;  VMware Certified Advanced Professional – VCAP

The VCAP Certification will sit in between VCP and VCDX

The VCAP comprises of two Exams:

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New VMware VCP Logo


As you can see VMware now have a new VCP Logo. The new VCP logo has been placed out on the VCP section of the Website for you to download.

Some other VCP news from VMware:

We currently have over 53,000 VCPs, of which over 15,000 are VCP4s.  The second number is rapidly increasing since the launch of the VCP4 certification in the 3rd quarter of 2009.  Think about it, 6 months into the certification and we already have 15,000 VCP4s!

With that many VCP's I think it's about time I started working towards my VCDX Exams.

VCP4 vSphere 4 Beta Exam

This morning i received an email from VMware;

VMware is proud to announce the availability of the VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 4 (VCP4) beta exam!  We would like to invite you to participate in this beta.  Your experience as a current VCP3 and vSphere beta product user will be valuable in helping us craft a high quality exam.

But it has to be taken by 17th July…. So i had better get revising

Here are few details about the Exam:

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VCP vSphere 4 Practice Exam

I have produced this practice exam to help me learn the latest features and configuration maximums available VMware vSphere 4.

Please feel free to use it as much as you like. If you think an answer to a question is incorrect or you would like to contribute some questions to the exam please feel free to Contact Me. If you want to be notified whenever questions are added to the practice exam Follow Me on Twitter.

Please be aware that this exam is still in Beta, many questions are under review.

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