PowerShell Scripting, its about time i learnt

If i had a £1 for every time i heard/read about how good PowerShell is i probably wouldn’t have to write this post myself!

So I’ve decided to bite the bullet and I’m going to learn. I’m lucky enough to regularly chat to Alan Renouf from the Virtual-Al Blog, and he’s agreed to help me with my journey from a complete Novice to a “PowerShell Guru” like himself.

Update: Alan has just pointed me to this excerlent VI-Toolkit Labs document which has been release from VMWorld Europe 2009.

Personally I think the best way to learn PowerShell is to start off by being given a set of basic tasks that needs to be done and then working out how to use PowerShell to run this task for me.

This part of my Blog will be mostly for my own benefit, but I’m pretty sure that the scripts i come up with could come in handy to other users. The posts i make on PowerShell will not appear on this blogs front page or in my RSS feeds but they will be Tweeted on Twitter, so if you don’t follow me already and your interested in what I’m writing add me now.

Update: Tom Howarth from PlanetVM has just told me that he too has decided to learn PowerShell, hes also using the VI-Toolkit Labs document from VMWorld Europe 2009.

PowerShell Scripting Resources

Here is a list of PowerShell Scripting Resources that i’m using. I will continue update it: