VMware vCenter 4 minimum RAM requirement, is it 2GB or 3GB?

I’ve had numerous emails about this question which can be found in my VCP410 Practice Exam. So I think it’s time to sort this out once and for all.

According to the VMware document: ESX and vCenter Server Installation Guide page 16, it clearly states;

Memory – 3GB RAM. Memory requirements might be higher if the database runs on the same machine.

According to Scott Lowe’s new book: Mastering VMware vSphere 4.0 in Chapter 3, page 61 under “Sizing Hardware for vCenter Server” he says;

2GB or more.

According the VMware vSphere 4 Install, Configure, and Manage course books they says;

2GB, more if you run the vCenter Database locally.

So what is it?? I want to get the questions/answers to my practice exams 100% right, as there would be no point if I was giving out the wrong answers.

Please comment or contact me directly if think you can help answer this question.

Thanks to: Christian Mohn, Scott Vessey, vinf_net and Gabrie for checking their books.