VCP Changes Post vSphere 4.1

VMware have just released their latest version of vSphere, version 4.1. There are a lot of new features and changes, all of which can be found here: What’s New in vSphere 4.1

So, what does that mean for you if you're about to start studying for the VCP exam? Well I've heard from an "unofficial" source that the VCP will always be related to the current software version. I'm waiting on official confirmation of this from VMware, but Scott Vessey is very seldom wrong and his Blog is where I found this information.

So from now on, I'd recommend using the latest vSphere 4.1 Documentation as part of your VCP Studies and the latest version of the VCP Exam Blueprint which you can download from here

Update: If VMware decide that there are features in vSphere 4.1 that would be benifical for a VCP to know, then they will release a new Exam Blueprint with the relevant changes in. I of course will let you know if this happens and I will also do my best to change my online blueprint links page to suit.