VMware Mobile Secure Desktop Bootcamp

Guys, don't miss out on the free VMware Mobile Secure Desktop Bootcamp Series. The content below are taken from: http://communities.vmware.com/community/vmtn/desktop/view/msdbootcamp

The VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop is a pre-tested and fully validated solution that provides end users with contextually aware, policy-driven access to virtual desktops across devices and locations.


In this 12 part bootcamp we will show you how to get started and how to successfully roll out and deploy virtual desktops and applications and infrastructure to securely support mobile users. We will have sessions covering everything from design considerations to location based printing and implementing high-performance, policy driven access through vShield and leading security technologies.


We will also touch on VMware’s new vCOPs for View and how you can take advantage of Radius for two factor authentication. At the end of this bootcamp, you should have a good understanding of the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop Solution, how to roll it out and how to optimize View in your environment.


The bootcamp begins Monday, July 16th. A new bootcamp video will be released each subsequent morning. Be sure to also check for related blog postings along the way!


We are also providing a free e-book of all the presentations included in this bootcamp series–so be sure to register today .



1. Design Considerations Guidelines for the Mobile Secure Desktop – Overview

  • Speaker – Rory Clements, Reference Architect Engineer, Desktop Virtualization; VMware
  • In this session we will take a deep dive into the Mobile Secure Desktop solution and cover the separate elements of the design, the respective configuration, and the reasons for implementing them in this way. We will walk through the end to end validation processes we have used in constructing the solution and after this session you will understand the technical elements necessary to enable security and mobility in a virtual desktop deployment.

2. Storage Considerations and Best Practices

  • Speaker – Jim Yanik, Senior Systems Engineer
  • Storage planning and architecture continue to be challenges and are often overlooked in VMware View deployments but are critical areas that need to be addressed for a successful desktop implementation. This session will be a technical deep drive that goes into many aspects of storage planning for a View environment. We will look at storage I/O profiling for desktops and storage architecture best practices.

3. Storage considerations and Best Practices for Mobile Secure Desktop Environments with Nimble

  • Speaker – Michael McLaughlin, Desktop Solution Architect, Nimble Storage
  • Learn how to set up storage for VMware View with Nimble Storage. This session will cover best practices around sizing for performance, protecting desktops, and managing storage workflows.

4. Advanced Security & Networking Demo for View using F5 BIG-IP

  • Speaker – Simon Hamilton-Wilkes, Networks Solution Engineer, VCAP, CCIE, F5
  • Correct use of authentication and traffic management for multi-pod or multi-site View deployments can make a big difference in the deployment's success. This technical presentation and demo will review F5's solutions for enhancing VMware View. Topics illustrated and discussed will include unified access, username-based persistence, single namespace in multi-site deployments, global and local traffic management and the wizard-based configuration of BIG-IP for View.

5. Delivering Mobile Secure Desktops with Symantec

  • Speaker – Mark Alba; Director, Product Management; Symantec
  • Learn how Symantec technologies, together with VMware View can help you to deliver Mobile Secure Desktops. By leveraging Symantec Workspace Streaming and Security technologies, Desktop Managers are able to deliver cost effective virtual desktops that are secure from threats.

6. How Agentless Security Can Optimize Mobile Desktop Performance

  • Speaker – Udo Schneider, Sr. Solutions Architect, Trend Micro
  • Performance is key to a good user experience for Mobile Desktops but traditional security models can “break” these virtual desktop deployments. See how Trend Micro’s Deep Security, built for VMware, can secure your Mobile Desktop deployment and learn about configuring it to ensure the highest levels of performance in the process.

7. Setting Up Radius 2-Factor Authentication — Best Practices

  • Speaker – Mark Benson – Senior View Architect – VMware End User Computing CTO Office
  • This session reviews the Radius authentication configuration and also covers Radius set up best practices.

8. ProfileUnity + FlexApp™ for the Mobile Secure Desktop from concept to production in 30 minutes

  • Speakers: Jason Smith – Director of User Virtualization, Matt Boyajian – Systems Engineer, John Flatbush – Systems Engineer, Liquidware Labs
  • In this bootcamp session the team from Liquidware Labs will walk you through the architecture and use cases of Mobile Secure Desktop deployments using ProfileUnity and FlexApp – The basic installation and configuration of the software, as well as a live demo demonstrating how the solution extends the power of Mobile Secure Desktop by VMware.

9. PCoIP Optimization and Tuning Best Practices

  • Speaker – Chuck Hirstius, Sr. Consultant, Global Center of Excellence
  • Watch this session to understand the PCoIP protocol that powers View desktops. You will learn how to tune the PCoIP protocol for different workloads to optimize performance.

10. Location Based Printing- Best Practices

  • Speaker – Josh Spencer, Systems Engineer; VMware
  • Print management has always been a challenge for IT administrators managing traditional desktops. Virtualizing desktop workloads, moving them to the datacenter, and freeing up end users to connect from any device at any location can actually compound this problem. However, the Secure Mobile Desktop provides customers the ability to handle printing in a variety of ways; providing the greatest choice for end users and the flexibility to print wherever they are.

11. Installation & Configuration of vCenter Operations Manager for View

  • Speaker – Timothy Federwitz; Consulting Architect, Desktop Specialist; VMware
  • This session will cover a brief introduction to vCenter Operations Manager for View, plus design considerations and best practices, as well as a live demonstration of installing and configuring the product in a View environment.

12. 4 VSPEX End User Computing Infrastructure with VMware vSphere and the VMware View Mobile Secure Desktop

  • Speaker – Karl Connolly, EMC Technical Consultant
  • Get an overview of EMC VSPEX and learn about the best practices for EMC VNX Storage: VNX Unified Storage for the VMware Mobile Secure Desktop and how to do Image back up and end user recovery with EMC Avamar Back Up.