EP4 – So Many New VCDX’s!

In episode four of The VCDX Podcast, we recognize the newly crowned VCDX’s and I’ll be chatting to my special guest about their VCDX defense experience. What things went well, and what didn’t go so well.

News & Updates

Congratulations to the 5 new VCDX’s:

  • #279 – Dmitri Tanurkov (NV)
  • #280 – Veronica Sherin David (NV)
  • #281 – Chris Porter (DCV)
  • #282 – Syed Adeel Qamar (NV)
  • #283 – Fouad EL Akkad (DCV)

And a special congratulations to Jeffrey Kusters #252 – who got his second VCDX (NV).  You can see the full list of VCDX’s on the VCDX Directory

There will be a VCDX Workshop at the Indianapolis VMUG on July 16th. Register for the Indy VMUG

Interview Notes & Links

  • This week’s special guest is Chris Porter
  • Toggl – Time tracking software Chris used in his defense prep


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