What Is The VCDX Podcast?

Hey guys, I just wanted to bring to your attention a new project that I am working on called The VCDX Podcast. Yep, another Podcast.

As a VCDX panelist, I get asked a lot of questions related to the VCDX certification and the overall process. So I decided, instead of answering every question individually, I would answer them on a Podcast for all to hear and learn from.

The Podcast currently consists of 4 sections and this will probably change as the Podcast matures.

  1. VCDX News and Updates
  2. Special Guest Interview – With a mixture of VCDX panelists, mentors, and certification holders
  3. Common VCDX Mistakes
  4. Q&A

Episode 1 – Welcome To The VCDX Podcast was released last week and can be listened to or downloaded below.

The Podcast should be available where ever you get your Podcasts. Here are some quick links to the common platforms.

The VCDX Podcast on Apple Podcasts

The VCDX Podcast on Spotify

The VCDX Podcast on Google Play Music

As with everything I write about, please provide feedback or ideas on how to improve the Podcast. If you have questions that you want answering, you can either message me on Twitter: @SimonLong_ or you can send me an email via my Contact Simon page