EP13 – Defending Remotely

In episode thirteen of The VCDX Podcast, I am joined by two special guests who share their experiences of defending remotely and offer up plenty of great advice on how to tailor your preparation for a remote defense.

News & Updates

New VCDX’s

Congratulations to the newly minted VCDX’s since our last episode. All VCDX’s can be found in The VCDX Directory

VCDX #291 – Pawel Piotrowski – Poland – (DCV)
VCDX #292 – Asaf Blubshtein – US – (DCV)

Important Dates

The forthcoming online VCDX Workshop:

Up and coming application deadline for the June 2021 VCDX Defenses:

  • Thursday, April 8th, 2021 (Don’t wait until the deadline to submit!!)

All important VCDX dates can be found on The VCDX Calendar 

Interview Notes & Links

This episode’s special guests are:

Products discussed in the episode:



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