Google Cloud VMware Engine @ VMworld 2021

Google At VMworld 2021Another VMworld is upon us!!! Sadly, it’s only virtual again this year. However, that does mean you can access many of the sessions on-demand.  This year, I am personally speaking in two breakout sessions, as part of a panel session and an Ask The Experts session. It’s been a fun ride trying to get all of the video content curated and edited in time.

Google Cloud VMware Engine VMworld 2021 sessions

If you are looking from some great GCVE content, then look no further. Here is a comprehensive list of GCVE focused VMworld 2021 sessions that you should not miss.

Sessions I am a part of….

MCL1195 – Migrate Your VMware Workloads to the Cloud? Let Me Google That for You

  • Are you looking to digitally transform your business but not sure where to begin? In this session, we will show you everything you need to successfully migrate and modernize your VMware workloads to Google Cloud VMware Engine. Topics will include a service overview, key use cases, migration planning, common challenges, and how you can leverage more than 140 Google Cloud services to make the most of your data and applications. You will also hear from a joint VMware/Google customer who will share their recent migration experiences.

MCL1763 – Asking Google Cloud VMware Engine Experts (almost) Anything

  • Interested in learning more about Google Cloud VMware Engine? Come speak with our expert panel of Google Cloud solutions engineers and hear about some of the top questions and innovations happening today. The expert panel will be taking audience questions.

MCL3047S – Turbocharge Your Cloud Transformation with Google Cloud VMware Engine

  • Google Cloud VMware Engine provides a fast, easy, and integrated way for VMware customers to adopt Google Cloud. Fast-track and future-proof your cloud transformation with a Google-managed, operated and supported cloud service. You get the latest innovations in VMware vSphere, VMware vSAN and VMware NSX-T, and can seamlessly integrate with other services, such as Cloud Operations for monitoring/logging, BigQuery for analytics, Actifio for backup, and many more. In this session, we will cover an overview of Google Cloud VMware Engine, its use cases, and all the latest innovations that deliver significant, differentiated value for our joint Google and VMware customers.

MCL1764 – Google Cloud VMware Engine in Action: Migrate and Operate

  • In this session, we will demonstrate how easy it is to migrate your first workload to the cloud with just a few clicks. Through demos, we will define what you need to start, then cover how you can quickly migrate to and operationalize your environment within the cloud. See how Google Cloud VMware accomplishes this, all without re-architecting applications.

Other Google Cloud VMware sessions….

MCL1677 – Customers Share Their Cloud-First Success Stories

  • Hear from global industry leaders from Carrefour, LIXIL, and SGB-SMIT, who have successfully migrated their VMware workloads to Google Cloud. Topics will span real-life scenarios, migration best practices, common use cases and challenges, and how to get up and running quickly to maximize your ROI.

MCL1230 – Defense in Depth: A Layered Security Control in Google Cloud VMware Engine

  • Defense in depth is a security principle in which redundant security controls are implemented in multiple layers to eliminate a single point of failure. This session will cover how to enable multi-layer security controls in Google Cloud VMware Engine with VMware NSX-T Firewall and IDS/IPS, Google Firewall and Cloud Armor, and a third-party virtual appliance to protect Google Cloud VMware Engine resources from inside and outside threats and actors.

EUS3454S – Creating a Digital Workplace for Everyone 

  • We have all witnessed a transformation in how organizations approach work, from launching new products to meeting the needs of employees, customers, and partners. In this panel discussion featuring leaders from VMware and Google Cloud, you’ll hear how you can enable work and collaboration from anywhere, and for everyone, with the power of VMware’s End-User Computing solutions running on Google Cloud, along with secure endpoint solutions to improve end-user productivity at scale.


Additionally consider the following hands-on lab and demos

Demo ISM-HOL-2279-95-ISM: Google Cloud VMware Engine Overview

  • This is an introductory lab focused on Google Cloud VMware Engine, including HCX Migration.

Demo 3116: Google BigQuery Demonstration Featuring Google Cloud VMware Engine

  • Discover how quickly your business can accelerate cloud-first strategies. Google Cloud VMware Engine empowers IT teams to migrate datasets and workloads from the VMware software-defined data center (SDDC) to Google Cloud Platform quickly and securely. This demonstration will show how Google Cloud VMware Engine migrates a sample credit card fraud dataset from the VMware SDDC to Google Cloud Platform. You’ll then see how to apply Google Cloud Services to that same dataset using Google BigQuery in a matter of minutes.

Demo 3119: Connecting Google Cloud VMware Engine Workloads to Cloud Filestore Private

  • Google Cloud Filestore can provide Google-managed NFS file services to Google Cloud VMware Engine workloads over the Google Cloud VMware Engine Private Connection. Cloud Filestore creates a new virtual private cloud (VPC) peering connection rather than using the Google Producer VPC network that services such as Cloud SQL and Cloud Build use for Private Services Access. This creates a few challenges for Google Cloud VMware Engine connectivity. Learn about those challenges and a production-ready solution to use Cloud Filestore with Google Cloud VMware Engine workloads.

Demo 3118: Connecting Google Cloud VMware Engine Workloads to Cloud SQL Private

  • Connect Cloud SQL, managed MySQL, PostgreSQL and SQL Server to Google Cloud VMware Engine workloads using Private Services Access. Using a Google Cloud VMware Engine Private Connection, you can access on-premises workloads, Google Compute Engine workloads running in your virtual private cloud (VPC) network, or Google managed services (such as Cloud SQL) over a highly available, Google-managed connection.