My Twitter account is Suspended!!

This morning I awoke to two Emails from Twitter titled “Your account has been suspended” (Not quite sure why they felt the need to tell me twice).

Written in the Email was the following;

If you are one of my Followers you will know that earlier on this week someone/something got hold of my username/password for my Twitter account and used it to spam all of the people I follow. As soon as I found out, I changed my password and removed any Twitter apps that could have been used to gain access to my account and since then there has been no more spam.

So why have Twitter done this? I have opened up a Support Ticket with Twitter to try and find out.

Update: Just found out that Duncan over at Yellow-Bricks has also had his Twitter account Suspended.

No sooner had I opened the ticket, the ticket was showing as “Solved”. I checked my account, it was still suspended! So I have re-opened the ticket and I await to hear back.

My Top 5 Twitter Users – April 09

My apologies for the slight delay in producing the results..blame it on the good weather at the weekend.

Anyway, i will make you wait no longer… My Top 5 Twitters Users for April 09 based on tweets being Useful, Interesting or Funny are;

1st – Jason Boche
2nd – Duncan Epping
3rd – Kiwi Si
4th – John Troyer
5th – Eric Sloof

Well done and thank you to you guys for sharing all of your information and occasionally brightening up my day.

For further information checkout my previous post – My Top 5 Monthly Twitter Users – It could be you!

My Top 5 Monthly Twitter Users – It could be you!

As part of my new Blog, i have introduced a section called My Top 5 Twitter Users. Currently it has a list of 5 users that i regularly find myself reading their Tweets.

As of today i am going to “Favor” all the Tweets that i find interesting, funny and generally useful to me. At the end of the Month i will add up all of my Favored Tweets and put the Top 5 Twitters that appear in that list onto my Blog.

Unfortunately there isn’t a prise or anything lined up for the winner of each month, I’m really just doing it to keep my Blog content dynamic and to let me readers know who  in my eyes  is worth following on Twitter.

You’ll also be pleased to hear that I’ve excluded myself from this list. Clearly all of my Tweets are interesting, funny and generally useful and it wouldn’t be fair on all of the Twitter Users if i was to win every months. 🙂

If you arn’t following me then please feel free to add me: @SimonLong_