NPIV support in VMware ESX4

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Whilst revising for the VCP4 Beta Exam and also replying to a thread on the VMTN Forum, I’ve come across a couple of instances where there is a lack of “using NPIV in VMware ESX 4” information. The only good post I can find is Jason Boche‘s post; N_Port ID Virtualization (NPIV) and VMware Virtual Infrastructure, but his post is written and tested using ESX3.5. So I have decided to find out as much information as I can and post it here.

Definition: NPIV stands for N_Port (Node Port) ID Virtualization

What does NPIV do? NPIV is a useful Fibre Channel feature which allows a physical HBA (Host BUS Adapter) to have multiple Node Ports. Normally, a physical HBA would have only 1 N_Port ID. The use of NPIV enables you to have multiple unique N_Port ID’s per physical HBA. NPIV can be used by ESX4 to allow more Fibre Channel connections than the maximum physical allowance which is currently 8 HBA’s per Host or 16 HBA Ports per Host.   See the image above for a graphical representation of NPIV.

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VMware vSphere 4 Configuration Maximum Practice Exams

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Tomorrow (17th July) I have the pleasure of sitting the VCP4 vSphere 4 Beta Exam, all 4 hours of it..

One of the main things I remember from taking the VCP3 exam was the amount of Configuration Maximum questions that VMware ftel the need to put into it. So I downloaded the vSphere 4 Configuration Maximum PDF and began reading, reading again and reading again. But nothing seemed to stick in my memory.

I have decided to make myself 3 mini vSphere 4 Configuration Max Practice Exams, so I can test myself over and over until I have learnt them. I haven’t added all the maximums to the exams, just the ones I think might be included in the VCP4 Exam.

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VCP4 vSphere 4 Beta Exam

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This morning i received an email from VMware;

VMware is proud to announce the availability of the VMware Certified Professional on vSphere 4 (VCP4) beta exam!  We would like to invite you to participate in this beta.  Your experience as a current VCP3 and vSphere beta product user will be valuable in helping us craft a high quality exam.

But it has to be taken by 17th July…. So i had better get revising

Here are few details about the Exam:

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WAN VMotion – A Step Closer to a Private Cloud?

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VMware has just released a joint Proof of Concept with Cisco titled VMotion between Data Centers.

Just lately I’ve been doing a lot of extra reading about how Cloud computing is shaping and evolving and I believe this to be another step taken by VMware to closer themselves on becoming a “Private Cloud” solution. Will we soon be seeing Virtual Infrastructures spanning separate Data Centers?

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VCP vSphere 4 Practice Exam

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I have produced this practice exam to help me learn the latest features and configuration maximums available VMware vSphere 4.

Please feel free to use it as much as you like. If you think an answer to a question is incorrect or you would like to contribute some questions to the exam please feel free to Contact Me. If you want to be notified whenever questions are added to the practice exam Follow Me on Twitter.

Please be aware that this exam is still in Beta, many questions are under review.

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vSphere Update Manager – Scan for Updates Error

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Not long after installing vSphere Update Manager i decided to run a “Scan for Updates” on one of ESX3.5 Hosts. The night before i had received a VUM Download Alert email with a list of new updates which indicated to me that VUM seemed to be running as fine, but no sooner had i started the scan it Failed showing the following Error;

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ESXCFG Command not Found

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I’ve come across this little issue whilst trying to make some changes to my ESX firewall.

I connected to my ESX Host using Putty and logged in using my non-privileged account (Called login) and then to run the ESXCFG commands i needed to change to my Root user.

So i entered su and put in the root password when prompted. I could see that my user account had been changed to root so i tried to run the esxcfg-firewall command.

This is what i found;

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Saving Event Logs Using PoSH – My First Ever Script!

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Finally after months and months of thinking about it,  I have finally been able to play with Powershell and make it do something useful.

My task was to save the Event Logs Errors off of all of our production servers on a daily basis. I was handed a piece of paper with a list of servers and told to get on with it. I could have easily done it manually, but I would have had to have changed my job title to “Event Log Saver Guy” as that would be all I would have time to do.

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I have 200 Twitter Followers!

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I’m not really sure why as most of the time i run on a load of old tosh! but i now have 200 followers on Twitter.

I’d be interested to know actually how many of them are real people and how many of them are young girls trying to have webcam action with me..

If you don’t already, feel free to Follow Me.

Thanks anyway guys, i will continue to talk twaddle as you all seem to enjoy it.

My Top 5 Twitter Users – May 09

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My Top 5 Twitters Users for May 09 based on tweets being Useful, Interesting or Funny are…*Drum Roll*

1st – Stevie Chambers
2nd – Kiwi Si
3rd – Rob Upham
4th – Duncan Epping
5th – Cody Bunch

Well done and thank you to you guys for sharing all of your information and occasionally brightening up my day.

For further information checkout my previous post – My Top 5 Monthly Twitter Users – It could be you!

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